AFF Suzuki cup FINAL -1st leg Malaysia vs Indonesia

Hola! I just join this com and LJ, a total newb. So I figure i might just introduce my national football team as my first posting. Might worth whatever i'm getting for this long post lol

What this cup is about?

The AFF Suzuki cup is a football competition contested by the national teams of Southeast Asia, the winner will be crown as Southeast Asia champion.

It is a 2 yearly competition and the past winner is almost always between Thailand and Singapore (3 each) with Vietnam is/was the reigning champion at the moment as they won it last time but was defeated by Malaysia :D in the semifinal , to make them through to the final meeting with Indonesia after they defeated Philippines, whoever win is a new record nonetheless.

FINAL-1st leg
Malaysia vs Indonesia
National Stadium Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur
26 DEC 2010

2000 local time
1300 CET
1200 GMT

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Safee this guy score both winning goal in clash with Vietnam

Safee, he score both winning goal vs Vietnam

training kit

In training.. Orange looks cooler

The most likely starting eleven

Don’t take my word though I hardly in contact/follow my own national team. :(
I had to do a research for this piece. True story. Mostly steal from unproven source, wikipedia :p

This is definitely not a preview to the match, so I don't include much on the Indonesia football team side of the story.

My prediction? Manita is ours this time! We gonna score 5 against them and just park the bus on 2nd leg :). Joking aside, I must admit we are the underdog..

May the better team win, although I don't mind a lucky win. This is football!


1st rant (trial)

I wrote a long speech/rant previously on tumblr, when i read it back after forgotten the reason i ever write them i found it rather embarrassing.
I'm  not cut out to be a writer, am I?